What is all this?

VR-TEL is a private calling network that uses a closed VoIP network and custom created libraries to provide a smooth calling experience on a variety of modern and vintage hardware.

Features of this service:
  • Codec and bit-rate dynamically changes based on connection conditions.
  • Easy to remember 4 digit extension numbers.
  • Compatible with vintage QWERTY Java Phones (given Wifi or Network availability)
  • No spam, ever!
  • VR-TEL has a ten digit sandbox network that can be explored and exploited (for fun)

Is VR-TEL a company?

Yes. We are a group of general hackers and tinkerers based in the mid-west with ties to the phreaking and hacking community. Our vision is much in the same vein as Phil-Tel . In addition to providing this service to enthusiasts, the network has several Extending features that supply conventional VoIP services to other clients over a variety of Industries.

VR Wallpapers About VR-TEL

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