VR-TEL offers three hardware phones specifically for use with the network:
  • Avaya 675 A fully rooted Avaya 675 running Android 8 and includes a wireless telephone handset. Units have F-Droid installed and apps can be directly downloaded and Installed
  • WiPhone. This was a successful IndyGogo project by a very talented group of individuals. The WiPhone is powered by an ESP32 microprocessor and includes the complete source code to the operating system.
  • VR-1. A Mocore based phone with 4G LTE and VoLTE built in. Long battery life and very rugged. These were purchased factory direct and modified by the manufacturer for use with VR-TEL's network.

Avaya 675:

This is an Android 8 console phone. The receiver is Bluetooth and has a range about as large as the room you will put this phone in. The receiver holder can be removed from the body and the console can sit as a table top tablet. It is fully capable of all calling tasks. The high contrast screen is perfect for displaying other information such as weather, email or videos.
  • De-Googled Android 8 with F-Droid installed
  • Front facing stereo speaker
  • USB C side port for charging or system interface
  • Has native calling software but works well with third party apps
  • Compatible with Whatsapp, XMPP, Messenger, Instagram
  • Red LED indicator for message notification
  • Can operate over WiFi or Ethernet

WiPhone Pro:

The WiPhone is a community project. An ESP32 powered phone that is open source in all aspects of the design. Source code for the OS is included as well as link to resources for development.

  • Can negotiate calls from two accounts
  • Long Battery Life
  • Headphone jack
  • Other ESP apps are easily ported to this platform
  • Aluminum case
  • Works over WiFi or LTE (Soon with a peripheral in development)


This phone is a customized Grandstream phone. The Grandstream brand is powered by Android 5. This phone has been modified to use Mocor5. Still Android in many ways with the exception of it's reliance on services that would otherwise make it bloated and slow. These phones come with a docking cradle

  • Can manage 3 accounts
  • Extremely long battery life
  • Headphone Jack
  • Rugged, with belt clip
  • Operates over WiFi or LTE (Two SIM slots)
  • Bluetooth
  • Can be used with a general carrier SIM to place calls and SMS.
  • Support Wide-band (VR-TEL supports WB for extremely clear calling)

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