Currently, the Radionics community has very few companies that produce professional equipment with the needs of the serious operator in mind. Ausare is a manufacturer of a Radionics device that is meant for intensive use with a price that is intended to include hobbyists, students and professionals alike. The ALP device has been designed and manufactured in the US by a dedicated team who are experienced in Radionics.

Using an ARM Processor and custom made software, Ausare promises form and function unlike anything else in the priced market segment.

The ALP is perfect for:

  • Manifestation
  • Remote Targeting
  • Homeopathic Remedy Copying/Modification
  • Biologic Analysis
  • Field Generation
  • Meditative Enhancement
Check out the introductory video and images of the device! We are positive that we have a product that almost anyone can be interested in.



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